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When you need freight service to ship any commodity to Greece - welcome to our Freight Shipping Directory! Directory of Greece Freight Shipping companies gives you wonderful chance to find all comprehensive information of best Greece shipping services, including all best rates and prices.

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Alkmare Group
Alkmare Group of Companies was established in 1992 by Mr. Manos Kamaris, who was in ship bussiness since 1977, as ship owner and shipagent.   Arria Trans, founded in the beginning of 1999, offers its clients a full pacage of transportation services.
Chemical Transport
Interline Hellas Ltd.
Chemical Transport was established in 1973 and started as a general cargo transport company. Since 1980 it has been specializing in the transport of hazardous liquid chemicals and liquefied gases.   Interine Hellas Ltd. offers a safe transportation of your goods from and to Europe from the smallest till the biggest shipments. Our corporate office is located in Athens.
Krems Sped Hellas Ltd
Plessas Bros. S.A.
Krems Sped Hellas provides transportation services of any kind of merchandise, to and from all European countries.   Established in 1922 our company operates in the field of transport and trailers traction in the port of Patras.
Space Transport Ltd
Wind Transport
Space Transport Ltd has been active in the transport's domain since 1991, offering high quality services.   Wind Transport has over 45 years of experience in the transportation business. Our company provides transportation services of all kinds, such as transportations, deliveries, relocations within the whole of Greece.

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